Dee Hale

Dee began samba no pe training with Zezeh Brazil in Washington DC and learned play Brazilian percussion instruments with Alejandro Lucini at George Washington University.

In 2010, began training in samba de gafieira and forro with Fabio Bonini (Forever Dancing VA). Finally, in 2014 she began teaching samba de gafieira. The class focuses on the technical foot work of forro samba de gafieira and the fundamentals of good partner dance: dance frame, synchronization, and musicality.

Samba de gafieira originated in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and is a partner dance to the Brazilian sambal musical rhythms. It a tango derivative, so it is ordinarily danced in closed frame and the time is “quick-quick-slow”.

It can be dance to pagoda, choro, bossa nova, and samba music. Forro, another original Brazilian partner dance, originated in the Northeast Brazil. It’s relaxed close body stance make it a great party dance and very easy to learn. It can danced to baio, xote, forro and sertanego rhythms and the distinctive sound of the triangle and the zabumba are telltale signs of this music.