Byron Willis

A seed was planted back in 2006 when Byron took local lindy hop (swing dancing) classes, but due to time demands from work was unable to continue.  In 2013, YouTube videos inspired Byron to return to the dance and ignited a passion in him for the dance that burns strong today.  Byron developed his ability as a dancer and a teacher through hundreds of classes and thousands of practice hours. 

 He began teaching group classes and private lessons locally in the Dupont Circle area in Nov 2015, and he now weekly instructs an enthusiastic and welcoming group of students, and travels throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast to workshops, camps, and competitions.  Byron also gives back to the community by posting many lindy hop related videos on his YouTube channel (200,000 views!).  You can often find Byron on the dance floor at the social dance that he organizes on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month in Dupont called Lindy in the City (FB Group: Lindy in the City).