David Cuban

About me!

My grandfather always said to find a sport that you can grow old with—for me, that sport is dancing. Since my first Salsa lesson at Boston University in 2009, I have gone on to learn Salsa-on-1, Salsa Rueda, Casino, Bachata, and Brazilian Zouk. Learning from dancers across the world, I have had the privilege of performing these dances at venues throughout Boston, MA and Washington, DC. I studied the fundamentals of both Salsa and Bachata at incredible dance studios; explored the social dancing networks of Boston and DC; and led countless dance lessons for both young and old. What I learned in these experiences is that dancing is a true passion of mine, something I wish to share with as many as possible.

At Boston University, I taught Salsa and Bachata from 2009 to 2013. In coming to DC, I had the privilege to teach a few exhibition lessons around the area and taught a 10-week dance series at the Washington Center in 2016. 


Join David in Fridays Salsa Happy Hour & Bachata Class!

 Whether you are a complete beginner or practiced moves back in the day, come out to learn the fundamentals of LA-Style Salsa, sensual Bachata with David.